Business Immigration

The United States has numerous programs designed to encourage business and investment in the United States. Some of the most popular programs include the following:

  • The EB-5 investor visa: This is an immigrant visa, which means that it results in the applicant obtaining a green card. Through an investment of $500,000 (USD) made in a designated area, an alien can obtain legal permanent residency for him or herself and immediate family members.
  • The E-2 treaty investor program is a non-immigrant visa that can be renewed indefinitely. Though this visa does not result in permanent residency, it does permit the investor to reside in the United States for as long as the investment enterprise is operating. This visa can be obtained with a much smaller investment than required by the EB-5, but is only available to citizens of countries that have a specific type of treaty with the United States.

In addition, the United States has specific programs available for moving executives and key personnel into jobs in the United States (L-visas), for hiring foreign workers (Labor Certification), and for hiring contract employees (H-visas).

There are also programs available for aliens of extraordinary abilities in the arts and sciences, members of performing groups, religious workers, and journalists.

Berke Law Offices, Inc. has obtained visas or residency based on investments in restaurants, production companies, real estate, and many other industries.