Speaking Engagements

The lawyers at Berke Law Offices, Inc. are all polished speakers and presenters with in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide variety of topics relating to U.S. criminal and immigration law and the practice of law in general.

If your organization is seeking a professional speaker please feel free to contact our offices at (818)804-5729 to discuss your needs.

We do not charge for speaking at charitable or public service events.

Our topics range from the very general to the very specific depending on your organization's needs and can be tailored for laypersons or for experts in the field.

Sample topics for general audiences include:

  • How can someone immigrate to the United States;
  • What does the United States do to attract immigrant investors;
  • What is broken in the United States immigration system and how can it be fixed;
  • Who can and can't be deported; and
  • Who do our asylum laws protect and how do they work.

Sample topics for persons already knowledgeable in the field include:

  • Contemporary strategies for defending the aggravated felony case;
  • How to construct an immigration-safe plea in criminal court;
  • Ethical considerations in representing criminal aliens; and
  • Economic considerations for alien investors.

Lighthearted/Entertainment value topics include:

  • Why do attorneys act the way they do? A look at legal training and ethics;
  • War stories from 30 years in the legal trenches; and
  • What is law school/law practice REALLY like.