The International Entrepreneur Rule is in effect, but probably not for long.

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On December 14, 2017 the administration was forced to begin accepting applications for parole under the International Entrepreneur Rule (IER), but there is little reason to rejoice in this (yet).

The IER was a rule envisioned and crafted under the Obama administration to allow alien entrepreneurs with demonstrable track records of success to enter or remain in the United States to start or grow new businesses. The rule was supposed to go into effect shortly after the Trump administration took over. However, the Trump administration "delayed" the implementation of the rule with the intention of rescinding it. Various individuals and organizations successfully sued the government on the grounds that the "delay" did not comply with portions of the Administrative Procedures Act and, as of December 14, 2017, the government has been ordered to accept applications made under the rule.

HOWEVER, the administration has already begun the process of repealing the rule in a manner compliant with the Administrative Procedures Act. Accordingly, it appears that the rule may disappear before any of the applications are even approved and if any such applications are approved that the benefit may not last past the repeal.

Berke Law Offices, Inc. is discouraging its clients from making applications under the International Entrepreneur Rule in favor of pursuing other applications or benefits which are not likely to be repealed under the current administration. If you would like to explore such options, please call us at (818)804-5729 to schedule a consultation.

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