Attorney To Attorney

In addition to services to the general public, Berke Law Offices, Inc. offers a number of services specifically to other attorneys including:

  • Ethics and discipline defense: State Bar, Circuit Court, and EOIR disciplinary matters;
  • Providing advisory opinions to criminal counsel relating to immigration consequence of crimes;
  • Serving as an expert witness: qualified to testify as an expert on issues relating to immigration consequences of crimes;
  • Ghost writing of briefs;
  • Strategy consulting.

Discipline Defense:

Berke Law Offices, Inc. frequently represents other attorneys in disciplinary matters and has been doing so since 1993. Our experience and understanding of immigration and other areas of law make us excellent advocates for attorneys facing suspensions or disbarment from various courts. Mr. Berke has represented dozens of attorneys before the State Bar of California, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the Executive Office of Immigration Review.

  • Disciplinary Defense
    • State Bar
    • Circuit Court
  • Ethics Guidance
  • Expert Testimony
    • Qualified as an expert on immigration consequences of crimes;
    • Minimum competency standards for Immigration Practitioners
  • Advisory Letters
    • Immigration consequences of crimes for criminal defense attorneys.