Expert Testimony/Advisories

Due to his unique combination of criminal and immigration experience, lengthy practice history, and reputation, Robert G. Berke has previously qualified to give expert testimony in court about the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and is available to provide such testimony to members of both the criminal and immigration bars. Such testimony is useful in motions to vacate convictions.

For criminal practitioners who represent aliens, the Supreme Court of the United States has made it clear that they are obligated to provide their clients with detailed and accurate information about the potential immigration consequences of charged conduct. The best way for a criminal practitioner to protect himself is to secure, or have his client secure, the services of an experienced immigration attorney who can provide that detailed and accurate information. We frequently consult with criminal defense attorneys regarding immigration safe plea deals and will, upon request, put our advice and information in writing. Having the advice in writing protects the criminal defense attorney from later claims from their client that they failed to properly advise them of the immigration consequences of a negotiated disposition.