Finding Answers To Business Immigration Questions

There are several different issues often connected to business immigration. Foreign investors often wish to financially support new entities in the U.S. Businesses themselves are looking for skilled laborers from other countries to take on certain positions of employment. Some individuals, such as artists or athletes, are exceptionally gifted in their field and are eligible for visas due to this high level of performance.

At Berke Law Offices, Inc., in Canoga Park, our attorneys have decades of experience taking on a host of business immigration concerns. We can put you in position to determine what visas might be available to you or your employees, and work with you to solve your immigration problems, no matter how difficult they may appear.

Areas Of Business Immigration We Focus On

For investors, our team is especially knowledgeable about the EB-5 and E-2 visa programs. EB-5 visas are available to anyone who invests $500,000 or more in certain industries. The visa allows for permanent residency for the investor, spouse and children.

The E-2 visa does not grant permanent residency, but can be renewed indefinitely. Meaning, the investor will basically be allowed to remain in the U.S. as long as the business that received the investment is still in operation. The size of the investment does not necessarily need to be $500,000, and we have gotten these visas approved for a fraction of this amount, but the visa is limited only to certain countries.

For businesses looking to hire employees, or employees themselves, the options for entering the U.S. will depend upon a few different factors. If the individual is an executive or other key personnel, L-visas may be obtainable. Those who are extremely talented in their field may also be eligible for visas or other programs that allow for entry into the U.S. We have experience with both non-immigrant and immigrant business and professional visas including all of the employment based PERM categories, EB-1 and L-1.

For persons of exceptional talent and abilities, or for members of performing groups, we can assist with O and P visas.

We know that time is money. If you have identified a specific need, you want it to be addressed as soon as possible. With over three decades of immigration law experience, our lawyers are here to present you with detailed courses of action designed to address your concerns efficiently and thoroughly, allowing you to put the right people in place.

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