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Getting an immigrant visa for a spouse

Many Americans living abroad have married foreign citizens, and they are now wondering how their new wife or husband can legally move to the United States. The first step is to obtain a solid understanding of the immigration procedures for obtaining a spouse visa. The procedures for obtaining a visa for a spouse can be somewhat complex, and this post will endeavor to cast a bit of light on this murky world.

Government shutdown brings immigration process to near-halt

President Trump's enthusiasm for a border wall has drawn much attention to Washington, D.C., but along the border itself, other issues also call for attention. The Border Patrol and other agencies that monitor immigration are struggling with outdated facilities that cannot handle the increase in families wishing to enter the U.S. The immigration court system is so clogged with applications that people are waiting years for decisions to resolve their cases.

Supreme Court blocks Trump's asylum ban

President Trump issued an executive order that prevented people from seeking political asylum in this country unless they entered through a port of entry. A district court refused to enforce this rule, which led the Trump administration to appeal the district court's ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The appellate court affirmed the district court, so the government brought the case before the Supreme Court and asked the Supreme Court to reverse the trial court. The Supreme Court, on a 5-4 vote, refused the request.

Trump administration tries to avoid Flores rule

One of the longest standing judicial rulings that affects immigrant families is the class action consent decree known as the Flores Settlement. The settlement is named after the young Hispanic girl who was reunited with her parents as the result of that settlement. She had been incarcerated with adult men and stripped searched every day while in lengthy government custody. The settlement requires that migrant children be released from custody without unnecessary delay or transferred to a licensed child care facility. In emergency, the time limit can be extended to twenty days.

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